Saturday, September 25, 2010


Fairy Houses

I recently took a trip to Seabrook along the washington coast. It's a large "cottage" resort type thing, which I loved! It was rainy all weekend (of course) but the atmosphere of the place was so charming I still can't get over it... To walk down the beach there is long trail that takes you through the most marvelous forest that has been filled with fairy houses (by little girls of course) and mushrooms carved out of wood.

The Weasley Cats

Recently my sister and I decided we would like to start fostering kittens (mostly because our cat is like 100 years old, fat, and smells.) A few days ago we picked up our first litter...and I'm kind of obsessed with kittens now.

As my first "real" blog post here, I think it is very fitting that I force this cuteness upon you. We named them, Mrs. Weasley, Fred, George, and Ron, after harry potter obviously. (If you didn't know that, wtf? where have you been living?)

(last two images taken by my sister)

New Blog

I've created a new blog for myself because I never really used my old one (sorry guys!)
so if you're at all interested you probably want to follow this one (instead of the one i've chucked aside.)
Why do I even want a blog in the first place? To become famous of course!!! ( is it working yet?)

So I will be posting pictures I've taken, videos, behind the scenes pictures of photoshoots, my attempt at fashion, and uh other stuff like that.

And with that, I leave you with a picture of me adorned in whore makeup. (by my dear friend Hy Khong)